The politics I love and hate, wrapped up in a conundrum.

Paul Ryan cynically going after Ron Paul voters with marijuana flippety flops

1999Ryan voted to block medical marijuana in Washington, DC (which is now legal there)

2006: Ryan voted against a bill that prevented the Justice Department and DEA from going after medical marijuana users who complied with state laws.

2012 (September 7, in Colorado): In an interview with Colorado Springs television station KRDO, Ryan claimed that medical marijuana should be wholly legal in states that permit it. Notice the “courage” in this statement: a Colorado ballot initiative legalizing marijuana outright appears likely to pass anyway.

2012 (September 8): A Ryan spokesman emphasized that Ryan actually agrees with Mitt Romney that marijuana should never be legalized. 


You asked him questions. He voted for the sequester. He voted for the Budget Control Act. He was running away from them with the pace that he ran in the fictional marathon that you asked him about.

—White House senior adviser David Plouffe in an interview Sunday with CBS host Chief White House Correspondent Norah O’Donnell. O’Donnell had previously interviewed Paul Ryan, who lied right to her face about his vote for military cuts.  Which, by the way, his partner-in-lies Mittens called Ryan’s vote a “big mistake.”