The politics I love and hate, wrapped up in a conundrum.

Romney thinks Solyndra is such a potent issue against Obama, even though Solyndra represented less than 1% of federal government backed loans to green energy companies. A Massachusetts solar company called Konarka Technologies filed for bankruptcy last week (the day after Romney’s gimmick speech in front of Solyndra headquarters), a company that Romney awarded $1.5 million out of a total capital fund of $24 million (that’s over 6% of the fund). Konarka was one of only five companies that directly received $9 million of the funds — the remaining $15 million went into a general fund for start ups and loans.  Two of those five companies are now bankrupt. Sounds similar to Romney’s Bain record.

This morning on Fox News, Romney chief spokeshole Ed Gillespie claimed Romney had nothing to do with private enterprise loans and actually tried to redirect monies away from private business.  A complete opposite of reality, so business as usual for the Romney campaign.  Is there anyone left who still isn’t convinced that Romney and his team will say ANYTHING to win this election?

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