The politics I love and hate, wrapped up in a conundrum.

Citing “property rights” in your stupid libertarian rants = ignorant

How many times have we heard this from the nouveau libertarian: “Ron Paul isn’t racist, he’s for private property rights, that’s why he said he would have voted against the Civil Rights Act. Doesn’t a black restaurant owner have the right to ban a KKK member from eating in his restaurant?”

You effing morons. A KKK member (or your hypothetical Westboro Baptist Church member going into a gay-owned store) has a CHOICE of what they belong to.  A black person does not have a skin-color choice.  You’d likely not even know a white person was KKK unless he walked around wearing his hood.

Secondly, property rights belong ONLY to those who own property, i.e. no poor people, which brings me to point three….

Discrimination can only come from those with power, by definition NOT minorities or the poor.  Blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population, so if a black business owner wants to keep all whites out of his business, he won’t be in business too long, will he. But a white business can certainly afford catering to 87% of the population rather than 100%.  

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